Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bickett market Closes for Winter but OPENS COOKING SCHOOL

Season's Tidings from Bickett Market: Let's cook!
As many of you already know, your friendly neighborhood grocery has decided to close for the winter season. With reports of low availability and fretfully early freezes from our farmers, we thought it best to pare down to what would be sustainable for us all throughout these cold months. We're disappointed that we can't be your regular grocery too, but not to worry: our doors are still open! By customer demand, we are now hosting a great series of cooking classes throughout the season, featuring locally available, organic ingredients (that same fantastic quality as ever) and a great team of chefs. Our first series features Rickey Moore, whose cooking is both world-class and down-to-earth; he comes to us after years of innovation in Chicago and DC. Read about and sign up for the series here: . We'll also be offering classes on the art of the basics, such as bisquit-making or vegetable sides. We've always wanted to encourage a community vibe at the market, so we hope you and your friends or loved ones will join us for these cozy evenings! We promise an experience both hands-on and enjoyable, including a meal for you and information on nutrition and local agriculture.
We will also continue to host our slow-cooked catered meals out of the market (past favorites included ribs and chicken wings), as well as our supper club evenings via Dine on Mainline ( Please do come out to support and to enjoy these delightful events with us! Let's get to know each other better throughout the winter, and come spring we'll be back in full swing as your favorite marketplace. We look forward to seeing you on Bickett Boulevard soon!

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