Thursday, September 9, 2010

September means grillin' season!

These late summer afternoons are finally feeling lovely instead of sticky, and all we want to do is sit out as the sun sets, swatting at mosquitoes and munching on grilled delights! Bickett Market is ready to load you up for your next visionary grilling session: we have grass-fed ground beef galore from Wheeler Farm for your hand-shaped patties, slider buns in plain & jalepeno-cheddar varieties from Yellow Dog Bread Company, and all kinds of homegrown veggies for kebabs or toppings: four varieties of eggplants, big beefy red tomatoes, cukes, zukes and yellow squash, sweet potatoes (what a treat these are on the grill!) and blue potatoes, purple and red bell peppers, shitake mushrooms, beets, okra...we can go on! We should not forget our range of oils, jams, marinades, and local cheeses for your discerning palates (ask about the Asher bleu cheese - it's really cool). Those of you who want to try out your gourmet skills could roast some of our elephant garlic, a delicacy in the leek family, and we bet it would pair well with some traditional bratwurst or sweet & mild Italian sausages.
Round off your evening with the last fruits of summer: the best blueberries, really the best, fresh figs, and canary or party melons to feed the whole family (just like watermelons but rounder and more fun!). Or come in and give us suggestions about what you like to create - we're foodies like you, of course. Let's spread some good grillin' cheer!

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